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ORGANIST:                       Elena Naylor
Visiting Organist:             Tony Parker
Choir Co-ordinator:          Christina Allgood

20th July 2014 – 16th  Sunday of Year A
Theme: Leave the judgement to God
Entrance: HA 934, HF 143: Dear Lord and Father
Gloria: (HA: 1B – Dean)
Offertory: HA 920, HF 4 – A new Commandment
Sanctus: (HA: Gathering Mass – 1003)
Agnus Dei: (HA: Gathering Mass – 1014)
Recessional: HA 722 – Give me joy (TBC)

27th July 2014 – 18th Sunday Year A
Theme: Finding the genuine Treasure in life
Entrance: HA770, HF388 – Lord the light of-
Gloria: (HA 1B – Dean)
Offertory: HA 967, HF570 – O The love of my lord
Sanctus: (HA Celtic: 1002)
Agnus Dei: (HA 1012 – Dalmaine)
Recessional: HA880 – HF 684: Tell out my soul


Music and choir volunteers list:


Elena Naylor
Tel: 01252-327064.

 Co-ordinator and Cantor

Christina Allgood,
Tel: 01252-679551.

 Choir administrator

Mrs Cathy Watkins

 Choir members:

Sopranos: Mrs Maddalena Gosney, Mrs Cathy Watkins.
Altos: Mrs Frances Merry, Mrs Coleen Rutter
Tenors: Mr Philip Gosney

Junior choir:

 Bonnie, Beatrice.

Our activities

Choir practice:

Choir practice is currently taking place every other week before the 11am Sunday Mass at Holy Angels. We gather in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for about half an hour, during which we learn new hymns as well as practising with our current repertoire.

Sunday 6th July, from 10.15 to 10.45.
Sunday 20th July, from 10.15 to 10.45.
Sunday 3rd August, from 10.15 to 10.45.


We aim to sing soon for our community:

- Turn to me (n. 786 in our hymn book)
- On Eagle’s Wings , by M. Joncas (n. 952 in our hymn books)
- This is the day, by M. Joncas (n. 257 in our hymn books)
- Salve Regina, Gregorian melody (n. 367 in our hymn book)
- Missa De Angelis (n.497 to 509 in our hymn books);

As we are an enthusiastic and committed group, we would like to experiment and innovate by introducing more challenging projects, such as:

- introducing a repertoire for the Junior Chorus.
-singing in descant for four voices;

Our Projects:

However, we really need to enlarge our group! Please do not feel shy and join us, age range spans between 5 and 95! We would love to have you as part of our singing family!
We aim to invite you for a relaxed and friendly music and singing open morning. Food and beverages will be available, as well as company and enjoyment. Further details will follow soon.








(HA 1012 – Dalmaine)



HA880 – HF 684: Tell out my soul