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 Music and choir volunteers list:

Organist: Elena Naylor @:
Tel: 01252-327064.

Choir co-ordinator and Cantor: Christina Allgood @,;
Tel: 01252-679551.

Choir administrator: Mrs Cathy Watkins

Choir members:

Sopranos: Mrs Maddalena Gosney, Mrs Cathy Watkins.

Altos: Mrs Frances Merry, Mrs Coleen Rutter

Tenors: Mr Philip Gosney

Junior choir: Bonnie, Beatrice.

Our activities

Choir practice:

Choir practice is currently taking place every other week before the 11am Sunday Mass at HolyAngels. We gather in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for about half an hour, during which we learn new hymns as well as practising with our current repertoire.

Choir practice calendar for the forthcoming weeks:

Sunday 3rd August, from 10.15 to 10.45.

Sunday 17th August, from 10.15 to 10.45.

Sunday 31st August, from 10.15 to 10.45


We are preparing for our community:

- Laudato Si, O mi Signore (for St. Frances and Harvest Sunday)

- Crist ain siog/The seed is Christ ( n. 737 in our hymn books, for Harvest Sunday)

- This is the day, by M. Joncas (n. 257 in our hymn books)

- Salve Regina, Gregorian melody (n. 367 in our hymn book)

- Missa De Angelis (n.497 to 509 in our hymn books);

As we are an enthusiastic and committed group, we would like to experiment and innovate by

introducing more challenging projects, such as:

- introducing a repertoire for the Junior Chorus.

-singing in descant for four voices;

Our Projects:

However, we really need to enlarge our group! Please do not feel shy and join us, age range spans

between 5 and 95! We would love to have you as part of our singing family!

We aim to invite you for a relaxed and friendly music and singing open morning. Food and

beverages will be available, as well as company and enjoyment. Further details will follow soon.

Liturgical programme:

3rd August 2014 – 18th Sunday of Year A

Theme: Commemoration of World War 1

Vigil of World War I 100th anniversary

Entrance: H.A 907, HF -Abide with Me

Gloria: H.A. Ode to Joy

Presentation to the Altar of the Book of Remembrance: I vow to thee my country (instrumental)

Offertory: HA 806 HF 9: The Lord’s my shepherd

Sanctus: Gathering (HA: 1002)

Agnus Dei: Dalmaine (HA: 1012)

Recessional: HA 287 – HF 728 – Thine be the Glory


4th August 2014 7.30 pm – (Monday): 100th Anniversary of the World War I

Entrance: HA 955: O God our help

Psalm: Cantor and assembly: HA 466: All People that on earth do dwell

Offertory: HA 898: Make me a channel

Sanctus: Gregory Murray

Agnus Dei: Gregory Murray

Recessional: HA 72: O Lord my God


10th August 2014 – 19th Sunday Year A

Theme: Faith overcomes fear

Entrance: HA 862, HF 248 – He who would valiant be

Gloria: Ode to Joy

Offertory: HA 629, HF 272 – I am the bread of life

Sanctus: (HA:Gregory Murray)

Agnus Dei: (HA: Gregory Murray)

Recessional: HA 960, HF 233 – Guide me O…..


17th August 2014 – 20th Sunday Year A

Theme: God’s love is for all

Entrance: HA: 910, HF 106 – Christ be beside me

Gloria: (HA: Ode to Joy)

Offertory: HA 967, HF 570 – O the love of my lord

Sanctus: (HA: Gregory Murray)

Agnus Dei: (HA: Gregory Murray)

Recessional: HA 721, HF 398 – Love divine to the tune Blaenwern


24th August 2014 – 21st Sunday Year A

Theme: Peter the Rock

Entrance: Ha 371, HF 170 – For all the Saints

Gloria: HA Ode to Joy)

Offertory: 768, HF 268 – How lovely on the mountains

Sanctus: (HA: Gregory Murray

Agnus Dei: (HA Gregory Murray)

Recessional: HA 837, HF 156 Faith of our Father…