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ORGANIST:                       Anne McHale
Visiting Organist:             Tony Parker
Choir Co-ordinator:          Christina Allgood


23rd March 2014 3rd Sunday of Lent

Theme:  Living water of Baptism
Ent:  HA:  970  HF:  74 Be thou my vision
Gospel Acclamation:
HA:  407  HF:  67  Baptised in Water (ame tune as Morning has broken)
Lamb of God:
Final Hymn:  HA:  865  HF:  285  I the Lord of sea and sky

30th March 2024 4th Sunday of Lent and Mothers Day
Theme:  Christ the Light of the world

Ent:  HA: & HF:  Music Folder 89 When the Angel came to Mary (Mothers Day Hymn)
Gospel Acclamation:
HA:  883  HF: 118 Christ be our Light
Lamb of God:
Final Hymn: 
HA:  880  HF:  684  Tell out my soul

6th April 2014 5th Sunday of Lent
Theme:  Christ the Resurrection and the Life

Ent:  HA:  907  HF:  9 Abide with me
Gospel Acclamation:
HA:  629  HF:  272  I am the bread of Life
Lambe of God:
Final Hymn: 
HA:  764  HF:  118  Colours of Day

13th April 2014 – Palm Sunday
If the weather is fine we usually assemble in church and then process to the Garden for the Blessing of Palms – If the weather is bad we bless the Palms at the back of the Church.
Procession to the place of Blessing the Palms: 
HA:  721  HF:  568  How great thou art
Procession into Church:  HA:  722  HF:  190 Sing Hosann (outside – unaccompanied)
Gospel Acclamation:
HA:  320  HF:  239  Hail Redeemer
Lamb of God: 
No final Hymn on Palm Sunday – All depart in silence

17th April 2014:  7.30pm Maunday Thursday:  Mass of the Lord’s Supper & Watching

Ent:  HF:  72  Be still for the presence
Mandatum:  HF:  4 A new commandment
Offertory:  HF:  272  I am the bread of life
Lamb of God:
Communion:  (Choir – Solo)
Processional:  HF:  239  Hail Redeemer King Divine
At the Altar of repose:  HF:  681 Tantum Ergo

18th April 1014:  3pm  at Holy Family – Good Friday:  Liturgy of the passion and veneration
Clergy and servers enter in silence
Reading of the Passion
Veneration of the Cross:  Choir or Soloist sing either a setting of the Reproaches in English or Latin or
HF:  791  Were you there when they crucified.. Then everyone sings:  Jesus Lord, condemned in the Folder 81
Hymn during the Collection:  HF:  801  When I survey
Entrance of the Blessed Sacrament:  HF:  72  Be still for the presence of the Lord
Lamb of God:
All depart in silence.

19th April 2014:  8pm at Holy Family – Easter Vigil
Outside:  Lighting of the fire ceremony
1st Reading:  Creation
Response:  HF:  27  All things bright and beautiful (3 verses)
2nd Reading:  The Red Sea Deliverance
Response:  Cantor and People:  Exodus Song
3rd Reading:  Water bringing new life
Response:  HF:  401 Cantor sings the verse people sing the chorus
4th Reading:  God is light
Response:  388 Shine Jesus Shine
The Gloria:
Psalm:  Cantor and People as usual
Litany:  66 in Folder
Blessing with the Holy Water of Easter:  HF:  67  Baptised in Water (Tune as for Morning has broken)
Offertory:  HF:  891 OR s10  Longing for light – Christ be our Light
Lamb of God:
Communion (Choir only)
Final Hymn:  HF:  728  Thine be the glory

20th April 2014:  9.15 & 11am Easter Sunday at both Churches

Ent:  HA:  257  HF:  731  this is the day (repeat verse 1 after verse 3)
Gospel Acclamation:   Hymn:  HA:  267  HF:  322  Jesus Christ is risen today
Baptismal Vows and Blessing:  HA:  407  hf:  67  Baptised in Water
Offertory:  HA:  883  HF:  S10  OR 891  Longing for Light – Christ be our Light
Lamb of God:
Final Hymn:  HA: 287  HF: 728  Thine be the Glory