20th June, 2015 – (Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Times of Mass and Devotions

HA = Holy Angels Church, Ash GU12 6LU   HF = Holy Family Church, Farnham GU9 0LH

Sat  20 June   5.30pm HA Vigil Mass Prayers for the young people of our Parishes
Sun 21 June   9.15am HF  12th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Special Intentions of the people of the Parishes
  11.00am HA    Sean Fewlass (RIP)
Mon  22 June     NO MASS  
Tue  23 June   9.30am HF MASS  
Wed 24 June   9.30am HA The Nativity of St. John the Baptist  
Thu  25 June  6.15pm HF Adoration  
   7.30pm HF Mass  
Fri   26 June  10.00am HA NO MASS  
Sat 27 June    5.30PM HA Vigil Mass  Special Intentions of the people of the Parishes
Sun 28 June   9.15am HF SS Peter and Paul  
   11.00am HA    


Special Collection

There is a Special Collection next weekend, 29th June for Peter’s Pence

Collections for 13th June , 2015

Holy Angels:                                                    £222.77
Missionary Endeavour:                               £115.54

Holy Family:                                                    £254.00
Missionary Endeavour
:                               £100.00



A & B Diocesan Golden Jubilee – Sunday 5th July This is a once in a life time opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of our Diocese with our new Bishop. Coaches will be provided for this event. A list is available at the back of both Churches for people to sign if they are wishing to travel by coach.

We can confirm that one coach has now been booked for this event and we still have a few seats available.


Please note that on this Sunday, 5th July, by the Bishop’s request Mass schedules have been altered so that the main mass will be that celebrated by Bishop Richard at the Amex. There will be no 11.00 mass at Holy Angels, and the Holy Family Mass will be brought back to 8.00am.



Street Angels from Surrey and Sussex will have a stall at the A&B Jubilee celebration in Brighton on 5 July.  If you are a Street Angel volunteer and could spare an hour or two that day to help on the stall, please could you call Mark Potter on 07981 374117.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Youth: Our Youth Group leaders and six of our young people are spending three weeks in Tanzania this summer helping at the Karibu Nyumbani orphanage. The children are in need of good quality second hand shoes. Have any of our smallest parishioners just grown out of their shoes? We would welcome donations and, from next weekend, there will be a collection box in both churches. The boys are aged from 4-6 years and the girls from 1-6 years. Children’s clothes and small, light games and story books would also be appreciated. Thank you, Sally Brennan. Thank you to those parishioners who have already kindly donated some of their shoes for which we are very grateful.

Thank you to all the parishioners for the continued support for fundraising for the trip to Tanzania. A special thanks to Chris for the plant sale.
We have now set up a golden giving page, so if anyone wants to donate to the orphanage before we go, they can do so through that. http://www.goldengiving.com/f/helping-hands-for-tanzania
We are still collecting good 2nd hand shoes, clothes, story books (not to heavy)  games, pencils etc to take out with us.

Childrens ages are as follows
5 boys, 3 @ 6yrs and 2 @ 4yrs 4girls about 5 – 6 years and 3 about 2-3 years and one 7 months.

Please keep us all in your prayers.


CAFOD Job Vacancy

Community Participation Co-ordinator 1 x full time fixed term (2 year) post working with volunteers in parish and school communities helping to inspire and resource Catholics to participate in the Church’s mission to overcome poverty and injustice overseas in partnership with CAFOD. Closing date 10th July 2015. http://www.cafod.org.uk/Work-with-us/UK-Jobs/CPC


Job Vacancy: Diocesan Financial Secretary

The diocese is looking to appoint a new Financial Secretary as our current Financial Secretary is due to retire. Please go to the Diocesan website for more info: http://www.abdiocese.org.uk/


World Youth Day 2016: Next Summer the Diocese will be taking a group to Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day. It’s an amazing chance to deepen your faith with about 3 million other Catholics from around the globe! WYD lasts for a week. The week ends with a huge vigil with the Pope and then the final Mass the next day!

Travel will be by coach, staying in a hotel on the outskirts of the city, not too far from the action. Application packs are available from the Youth Service website www.yaab.co.uk. You can also apply on line, but make sure to download a pack so you get all the info. Feel free to get in touch with Jack if you’ve got any questions (01293 651158 – Jack.Regan@dabnet.org)



Baptism forms are available at the back of both Churches. Parents will need to attend an evening Baptism course. Please return your completed Baptism Form to Deacon John Edwards so that you can be included in the next Course.

There will be another Baptism evening held in July which will be the last one until the autumn.

Please note that we expect to be running a course for children of seven and older as part of the catechetical programs in the Autumn.


Vocation Matters

Jesus has power over the wind and the sea.  When Jesus is around, things change …  We invite Jesus to make a real difference in our own hearts and to convert us again and again.  We pray for many vocations to the priesthood for our diocese and for hundreds of converted hearts for the Lord!

Laudato SI

You may have read in the news that the Holy Father has published a new encyclical this week, Laudato Si – Praise be to you. The Holy Father in this encyclical the Holy Father reflects on the care we need to have for our common home on earth. The full text of the encyclical can be found on the Vatican website which is Vatican.va I am sure that later in the year we will have an opportunity to study it in our parishes.



  • If you are intending to receive communion please remember to place a host in the ciborium to ensure that we consecrate an appropriate number of hosts.
  • We have just celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart at which we are particularly encouraged to treat our communion with the greatest reverence. It is important to consume the host before returning to your place to avoid confusion.
  • There have been a couple of enquiries about low gluten hosts. These can be consecrated by prior arrangement with Fr Robin. It is of course perfectly permissible to take communion only under the form the Precious Blood if you are gluten intolerant.
Holy Angels

Prayer Group: takes place once a month on a Tuesday in St. Mary’s Room at Holy Angels Church at 7.30pm fora 7.45pm start.
Dates of the forthcoming meetings: 7th Jul, 8th Sept, 6th Oct, 3rd Nov and 1st Dec.


Holy Family

More Church Cleaners required:

Are you able please to spare about an hour of your time to help clean our Church? At the moment we have an insufficient number of people to help, which means the same people are having to clean the Church more frequently, whereas if we could get more people on the Rota, it would only mean giving an hour of your time every 6-8 weeks. Please give this some thought as we really would appreciate more volunteers to help keep our Church looking lovely. (contact Mary Norton on: (01252 714990 if you are able to help) Thank you.