The Olympic Games have begun

Whether you are keen on sport or not, you can’t not be aware that the Olympics began on Wednesday with the women’s football and the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics took place on Friday.  I don’t know if it is of any significance that a women’s event started early before the official opening but perhaps it symbolises a women’s prerogative to “go first”.

For those countries that do not have democracy or freedom the Olympics must be a great tonic.  To have the opportunity to compete in a “free and peaceful” setting and for them to experience international friendship based on sport will be an unforgettable experience.

The Churches, together with other Faith Communities are working to provide a welcome and spiritual support for those who love God but are far away from their faith communities.

In our two parishes we have a surprisingly large number of people directly involved in the Olympics.  One of the parishioners at Ash (soon to be married at Holy Angels) Ross Morrison is an athlete taking part representingGreat Britain.  We also have parishioners involved in Welcoming and Security as well as First Aid to the spectators and some employed as electrical technicians and Newspaper Sports Commentators.  We wish all involved in the games an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to make new friends.  Both our churches will be flying the Olympic Flag during the games as an outward sign of our support.  We will also be providing special times for short Masses during the Olympics (see separate notice below).  While mentioning the special times for Masses during the Olympics, may I ask you to include in your prayers a prayer that the Olympics will remind all of the basic dignity of all human beings as children of God and the call of Christ for Peace and goodwill between all peoples and nations.

Please remember in your prayers:Tony Cumisky a Parishioner at Holy Angels and also Bridie McCormack the mother of Margaret Flesher who both sadly died during the week. (Further details of Tony’s funeral will be published when they are available.)  We remember also their relatives at this sad time.

Coffee Mugs: The coffee and tea gatherings after the Wednesday 9.30am and Friday 12 noon Masses are proving very popular.  Our Centre kitchen has no mugs so if you have a spare mug or would like to sponsor a mug, perhaps with the name of your favourite charity, please bring it to Holy Angels and leave it on the kitchen counter.

We have had donated a selection of recorded popular prayers read by well known celebrities.  As a trial, we will be playing one of these prayers before Sunday Mass for a few weeks.  


Holy Angels Ash, GU12 6LU

Holy Family Farnham, GU9 0LH


As we have a significant number of people involved directly or indirecdtly in the Olympics


ASH:  Saturday, 28thJuly   5.30pm (No Hymns)

HEATH END:  Sunday, 29th July   9.15am  (Hymns)

ASH:  11am  (Hymns),     5.30pm (No Hymns)


ASH:  Saturday, 4th August  5.30pm   (No Hymns)

HEATH END:  Sunday, 5th August 9.15am  (Hymns)

ASH:  11am  (Hymns)      5.30pm  (No Hymns)


ASH:  Saturday, 11th August 5.30pm  (No Hymns)

HEATH END:  Sunday, 12th August 9.15am  (Hymns)

ASH:  11am (Hymns)      5.30pm  (No Hymns)