Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (becoming a Christian, a Catholic, or making an adult step of commitment in your faith)

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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is strictly speaking the way in which an adult becomes a Christian. The major step in this process is of course being baptised. When we baptise a baby or a young child we do so because of the faith of their parents who promise to bring them up as Catholic Christians. As the grow up there will be further moments of initiation when they relieve their first reconciliation and first communion and become confirmed.

When we are adults making this step we have to have made an informed decision ourselves to become a member of the Christian community, and so we both need to know about God and begin to know him through prayer. Baptism, conformation ad First Communion all take place together, usually as part of the Easter Vigil, the first mass of Easter.

If you have already been baptised as a member of a different Christian Community then you don’t need to be baptised again in order to become a Catholic. You are already a baptised Christian! But we would invite you to become part of our worshipping family and find out more about the Church which Jesus entrusted to the Apostles so that you can be received into the Catholic Church and Confirmed.

If you are a baptised Catholic but were not Confirmed when you were younger then now is the time to become Confirmed, to make that adult decision for yourself to reaffirm the decision your parents made to baptise you, to learn more about your Catholic faith, and to ask fo the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in your life as a Christian.