1st November, 2014 – First Mass (All Saints)


Times of Mass and Devotions

HA = Holy Angels Church, Ash GU12 6LU   HF = Holy Family Church, Farnham GU9 0LH

Sat  1  Nov  5.30pm HA First Mass – Fr. John Nuttall Mary & Gerald Leahy (RIP)
Sun  2 Nov  9.15am HF All Saints Margaret Bramble (RIP)
  11.00am HA   Father David Buckley (RIP)
Mon  3 Nov     NO MASS  
Tue  4 Nov  9.30am  HF Liturgy of the Word  
Wed 5 Nov 9.30am HA Liturgy of the Word  


Thu  6 Nov  6.15pm  HF Adoration  


HF Liturgy of the Word  
Fri   7 Nov     NO MASS  
Sat  8 Nov   5.30pm HA  First Mass – Fr. John Nuttall Bruce Hume (RIP)
Sun 9 Nov   9.15am HF Dedication of the Lateran Basilica Ann Packwood (RIP)
   11.00am HA   Special Intentions of the people of the Parish


Second Collection

TODAY there will be a Special Collection for The Retired Priests Fund.

Collections for 26th October, 2014

Holy Angels Offertory:                           £258.01
Holy Family Offertory:                          £279.00




The Books of Remembrance for Holy Souls will be offered on the altar at both Churches on the following dates:

Holy Angels, Ash: Saturday, 15th November and Sunday 16th November

Holy Family, Farnham:            Sunday, 16th November

Remembrance Books are available at the back both Holy Angels and Holy Family Church. Please write the name of the deceased person you would like to be remembered in the Mass for Holy Souls.


Prayer Requests for the sick

Deacon David Morgan, Newton Abrew, Linda Weston Michael Brandon, Patrick Quinn, Maureen Cosgrove and Sean Flynn.

We pray for all those in our two Parishes who are sick and need our prayers at this time.

International Supper: Will take place on Saturday 29th November – Holy Angels after Mass.  This event is the brainchild of our young people who are fundraising for Karibu Nyumbani the orphanage built and run by Fiona Hendy in Tanzania.  We are planning a trip to the orphanage next summer to give some helping hands with the running of the place and looking after the children, animals and vegetable plot.  The fundraising is to help fund some of the cost of the travel for the young people, all adults will be self funded, and much needed funds for the orphanage.   The idea is that various international dishes will be provided as a buffet so parishioners and friends will have an opportunity of tasting different dishes from different countries.  Please do come along and enjoy the company of our young people and the tasty dishes that will be on offer.  Tickets are being sold at both churches over the coming weeks £8 adults and £5 children

Chris Mann: On Saturday, 29 November our young people from both churches are putting on a dinner to help raise funds towards their trip to Tanzania in 2015.  Having attended these events in the past and again this time, hope that doesn’t put anyone off, I can attest to the great food, chat and fun these events bring.  A great chance for members of both parishes to get together socially.  Young people often get a bad press yet we are fortunate in our two parishes of having a great bunch of young people who are not only willing to run a social event for our parishes but to use the profits to help them help others.  Please buy a ticket and come along on 29th; after all these young people are our future and we should be trying to encourage them all we can.

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice: is appealing to its local community for any unwanted furniture. For the past few weeks the Hospice has witnessed a sharp decline in donations, which has impacted on the amount of money raised by the charity’s two Furniture Showrooms. The Hospice accepts most items – from wardrobes to sofas – (if you have any unwanted furniture please call the Hospice’s dedicated team of drivers on 01252 710679 to arrange collection.)

Prayer for a New Bishop

Heavenly Father,
look with mercy on your people,
and grant us a new shepherd.
Help those who chose our bishop
to listen to the voice and guidance
of your Holy Spirit
and act for the good of your Holy Church.
Father, we ask this through
our Lord Jesus Christ
who lives and reigns with
you and the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever.


Our Lady Assumed into Heaven
pray for us.

St. Philip Howard
Pray for us.


Holy Angels

Prayer Group: takes place once a month on a Tuesday at Holy Angels Church in the Parish Office: 7.45pm for an 8.00pm start. Next Date is the 4th November


Holy Family

Harvest Soup & Cheese Lunch – 7th November at 12noon

Holy Family J&P Team are holding a Harvest Soup & Cheese lunch in aid of Disability Africa.

St. Joan of Arc Church – First Thursday Talk will take place this Thursday, 6th November at 8pm.

Preparation for Diocesan Jubilee 

Despite all that is happening at the moment preparation for the 50th Jubilee in 2015 continues. Put 5th July 2015 in your diary now. 

Part of that preparation is the study of Lumen Gentium. There is material available supported by a DVD. One small group is running at Holy Family (contact Ann Martindale). Is there anyone willing to run one at Holy Angels?  If you would like to study it individually booklets are available. Contact Deacon John or Rita.


All Saints

What great prophets have said may be forgotten, but what heroes and saints have done is still remembered. Today we honour all the saints, but especially the unknown and unrecognised ones. Saintly people remind us that we too are called to holiness. As does this lovely feast.

Lord, you make us holy by helping us to be gentle and merciful in our dealings with others. Lord, have mercy.

Lord, you make us holy by helping us to be pure of heart and makers of peace, Christ, have mercy.

Lord, you make us holy by awakening within us a hunger for what is good and true and right. Lord, have mercy.

Anyone who knows anything about the beauty of wood will tell you that tropical woods such as mahogany and teak should never be painted. Tropical woods are beautiful as they are in their natural state. It would be a sin to cover them up with paint or anything else – a total waste of time, effort and money. If anything is added it should serve one purpose and one purpose only – to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Beautiful wood is God’s gift. To paint over it is akin to desecration. The role of the cabinet-maker is to enhance the beauty inherent in the wood, not to obscure it with paint.

There is a tendency to do something similar with the saints. To so polish up the image that their humanity disappears. They cease to be human beings. But if they cease to be human, they become unreal and unbelievable.

The saints didn’t become saints by putting on a false or artificial self. The role of spirituality is not to cover up. Its purpose is to bring out what is inside us. Grace builds on nature. It doesn’t destroy nature, but brings it to its fullest development.

Even the little saints cause the vision of a higher and a purer life to rise up before us. They inspire us to try to win back our finer, kinder and healthier selves. They expand the possibilities of human love and courage.

Piety is no substitute for goodness. Perhaps there can be goodness without holiness. But I’m quite sure that there is no holiness without goodness. Since we are made in God’s image, all of us have the capacity for goodness. The saints show us how to express this goodness.

Our real goal is not to strive for happiness but for goodness. If we strive for goodness, happiness will follow. There are good people who ache with loneliness and a feeling of sadness for having left undone what they ought to have done. This is the sadness we all feel at times – the sadness of not being saints.

(written by Flor McCarthy, SDB)