Mission 2030

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For the past couple of months we have been talking, preaching, filling in questionnaires and having meetings about the future of our Parish.  Our deliberations were initiated from Bishop Richards’ message to us all about Diocesan re structure which will be required to fulfil the mission of the Church. Bishop Richard explained that these will be challenging times, especially when the ratio of Priests to people is in decline and difficult decisions will need to be made. He was keen to hear feedback from Parishioners across the Diocese and I thank you most sincerely for your contribution to these discussions. The questionnaires have been most helpful in many ways – gauging where we are as a Parish which is useful background for me to facilitate me in taking the Parish forward, and of course fulfilling the Bishops request for feedback from you all about the future and it’s challenging times.

We are due to meet with the Bishop on Monday 19th to feedback your thoughts and as promised I make available here the presentation that we will give to the Bishop.

HF HA Feedback to Bishop Feb 18