28th February, 2015 – Vigil Mass (Second Sunday of Lent)


Times of Mass and Devotions

HA = Holy Angels Church, Ash GU12 6LU   HF = Holy Family Church, Farnham GU9 0LH

Sat  28 Feb 5.00pm
Sacrament of Penance
Vigil Mass 
Sun   1 Mar   9.15am HF First Sunday of Lent Special Intentions of the people of the Parishes
  11.00am HA     
Mon  2 Mar     NO MASS  
Tue  3 Mar   9.30am  HF Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion  
Wed 4 Mar        


 HA Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion  
Thu  5 Mar   6.15pm  HF Adoration  


   Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion  
Fri   6 Mar   9.30am  HA Stations of the Cross  
Sat  7 Mar   5.00pm
HA Sacrament of Penance
Vigil Mass
SS Perpetua and Felicity
Sun 8 Mar   9.15am HF Second Sunday of Lent  
   11.00am HA    


Special Collection

There will be a Special Collection TODAY for CAFOD Lenten Fast Day.

Collections for 22nd February, 2015

Holy Angels Offertory:                                      £232.45
Holy Family Offertory:                                     £269.00


Easter Flowers: The collection for the Church Easter Flowers will take place on Sunday, 22nd March.



PLEASE NOTE: Locks to the main Church door, outside kitchen door have been changed. Also the code to the Parish Office has been changed. If you are a keyholder please kindly contact the Parish Office.



Deacon Robin’s Ordination – Thursday 19th March at 7pm at St. Joseph’s Church, Guildford.

Please continue to pray for Deacon Robin as he enters these final weeks of preparation, and put the date in your diary.

Following the Ordination:

Father Robin’s First Masses will take place at:

Holy Angels: Friday, 20th March at 7.30pm
Holy Family:   Saturday, 21st March at 12.30pm

The intention would be that after both these masses we have some bring and shared food so we can celebrate this new chapter in our lives together. (Lists are available at the back of both Churches if you would like to provide a dish for sharing) With grateful thanks


Becoming a Catholic:

We will shortly be starting a course for any adults wishing to explore becoming a Catholic. (Please speak to Deacon Robin or Deacon John if you are interested in finding out more).


Amount raised at Valentine Quiz Night:

The amount raised on the night was £470! Really fantastic and a great contribution to the growing funds raised so far.


Lent Groups:

Holy Family: Thursday evening 26th March after the Liturgy (Deacon John)
Holy Angels: Friday morning 27th March at 10.00am preceded by Stations of the Cross at 9.30am (Deacon Robin)
Holy Family: Anne Martindale is running a group on a Monday evening. (Please contact Ann for more details).


Opportunities for Reconciliation before Easter

24 hours of Adoration and Reconciliation 13/14 March

In response to the call of the Holy Father, for 24 hour adoration and sacrament of reconciliation on 13/14 March will take place in the Guildford Deanery, split across two locations.
Noon – Midnight 13th March at St. Joan of Arc Farnham, starting with mass at noon.
Midnight to noon Saturday 14th March, finishing with mass at noon, at St Joseph’s Guildford
There will be at least one priest available to offer the sacrament of reconciliation at all times, 2 during “peak” times. There will be times of praise and adoration and other devotions and times of silence.

For those unable to get to this we will offer an hour of Adoration at each Church during which the sacrament of penance will be available.

26th March        7.00pm-8.00pm Holy Angels
27th March        6.15pm-7.15pm Holy Family

After his Ordination to the priesthood Fr.Robin intends to continue the practice of being available to hear confessions before the Saturday Vigil Mass. We used to have the opportunity to have confession heard before the Sunday Mass at Holy Family, and that Fr. Terry has experimented with being available after both Sunday morning masses. Please let Deacon Robin know what you have found or would find helpful.

As Catholics we are especially asked to confess all serious sin at least once a year before Easter, though it is a good spiritual practice to do so more regularly! Pope Francis has commented wryly that as Catholics we sometimes think of the confessional as a torture chamber, while it is in fact ‘an encounter with the Lord’s mercy which spurs us on to do our best.’ The Pope wisely reminds us that this sacrament is not only the ordinary way to set ourselves right with God after sin but an important source of grace to help us grow in holiness and resist temptation. Please avail yourself of this way of encountering the Lord.



If you are wanting a child baptised in the next three or four months please obtain a form from the back of the Church and hand it, as soon as possible (even if you cannot complete it all), to either Deacon Robin or Deacon John. You will need to attend an evening’s course and the next course for those whose Baptism Forms we have, will take place on the 4th March at 7.30pm to start at 7.45pm. It is recommended that you obtain and read ‘Your Baby’s Baptism – Catholic’ from Redemptorist Books (Product Code: 1028 ISBN: 9780852314111). There is also ‘Your Godchild: “How to be a Catholic Godparent” (Product Code: 1450 ISBN: 9780852313640), for God-parents. These are available from Redemptorist books www.rpbooks.co.uk DABCEC Bookshop Tel: 01293 651165.
email: bookshop@dabnet.org



Prayers for the sick: Deacon David Morgan, Newton Abrew, Connie Tewkesbury, Jane Brown and Sharon (sister of Marian Grannell) Tina Coleman, Carole Appleton and Louise. Thank you.


Holy Angels

HELP REQUIRED PLEASE to serve Coffee on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

We are in need of more helpers to serve Coffee on the first and third Sunday of the month as we are now down to only two ladies. If you would like to help please kindly have a chat with Colleen Rutter via the Parish Office. Thank you.


Big Church Clean in preparation for Easter

It has been decided that it would be a nice idea if all the Church Cleaners could meet up a little nearer to Easter for a Pre-Easter ‘big clean’ and it was felt that this would also be a nice opportunity for everyone on the cleaning rota to meet up over a cup of coffee. (A couple of dates will be offered shortly)

Women’s World Day of Prayer

Will take place on Friday, 6th March at 7.30pm at St. Peter’s Church, Ash. The Christian Women of the Bahamas have put together this year’s Service; themed ‘Jesus Said to Them: Do You Know What I Have Done To you?’

Prayer Group: takes place once a month on a Tuesday in the Parish Office at Holy Angels Church at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start.
Next meeting: 10th March, 14th April and 12th May, 20



If you Gift Aid please note that envelopes are now available in the Church Lobby.


Holy Family


The Women’s World day of Prayer takes place at the Church of St Joan of Arc, on Friday 6th March at 10.30am. Please come in bright colours and bring all things in bright colours with you if you wish; flowers, pictures of the Bahamas etc. All welcome.