26th October, 2013 – First Mass (Thirtieth Sunday)


Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat   26 Oct 5.30pm HA First Mass People suffering in the Phillippines
Sun  27 Oct 9.15am HF Thirtieth Sunday Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
  11.00am HA   William Roberts (RIP)
Mon  28 Oct      NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue  29 Oct 10.30am  HF  Week 30 in Ordinary Time Monsignor Bednar (RIP)
Wed 30 Oct 9.30am HA  Week 30 in Ordinary Time Newton Abrew (Sick)
Thu  31 Oct 12.30pm HA Funeral of Michael Best (RIP)  
   7.30pm HF All Saints Vigil Mass All Holy Souls
Fri      1 Nov 12.00pm HF All Saints Day Mass Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
   7.30pm HA All Saints Day Mass Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Sat     2 Nov 5.30pm HA Feast of all Souls Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Sun    3 Nov 9.15am HF Thirty First Sunday Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
  11.00am HA   Holy Souls Book of Remembrance

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)
Holy Angels, Ash: First Friday of month after 12pm Lunchtime Mass
Holy Family, Farnham:  First Thursday of month after 7.30pm Evening Mass
Special Services with Confessions at both Churches for Advent and Lent

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday at Holy Family @ 7.00pm (in Church Hall)

 (Parish Office Hours: 9.30am – 1.30pm)

                        Please note:  HF = Holy Family, Heath End, Farnham and HA = Holy Angels, Ash


30th Sunday of Year C  
Theme:  In humility we find acceptance before God

Entrance:          HA:  934   HF: 143 Dear Lord and Father
Offertory:          HA:  1001 HF: 874 or S4 I cannot tell
Final Hymn: HA:  865   HF: 285 I the Lord of sea


Requests slips for the names of those you wish to be remembered in the Masses during November are today attached to this Newsletter.  Please place them in an envelope together with any offering you wish to make marked NOVEMBER HOLY SOULS.  The envelopes will be opened by Father David so if you have any other special requests for prayers these also may be included.  Envelopes may be placed on the regular collection plate TODAY or they can be handed into the Parish Office before next Friday 1st November if you wish them to be mentioned during the month of Holy Souls.


Holy Angels Church will be open from 9am until 6.30pm next Saturday, 2nd November  for people who wish to light candles and remember their relatives and friends who have died.  On Sunday, 3rd November ALL SOULS will be remembered and honoured.


Remembrance Sunday this year will be on the 10th November, 2013.


Holy Family Church Catholic Parish Farnham, Hale, Weybourne & Badshot Lea

Collections for Missio                      £135.64

CAFOD                                            £300.07


Diocesan Jubilee Discussion Group: Held each Monday at Ann Martindale’s house. (All welcome)Please contact Ann direct or Deacon John Edwards for more information.
Mother and Toddler GroupMeet every Thursday morning from 9.30am until 11.30am in the Church Hall (during school term)


Holy Angels  Catholic Parish for Ash, Nr. Aldershot,  Ash Vale, Tongham & Normandy

Sadly Mick Best who was a regular Parishioner at Holy Angels for many years until his illness which lasted for many years has passed away. May he rest in peace

We pray for his family at this very sad time.

Mick’s funeral will take place at Holy Angels next Thursday, 31st October at 12.30pm


200 Club Winners – September 2013 Draw
The September Draw was effected on the 24th October 2013-10-23

1st Prize            Ticket No: 2            Mrs. J. Aganoor        £40
2nd Prize            Ticket No: 233  Mr. W. Hussen            £20
(Joint prize)  Ticket No: 193  Mrs. M. Batchelor        £20

Congratulation to this month’s 200 club winners.  Starting this month we will be announcing the winning prize money with the winners names.  As ever we thank all our current members for their continuing support, but we are always looking for new members so that the prizes can be increased.  It would be much more exciting if the first prize reached £50 and then may be we could introduce a 3rd and 4th prize.  The more members the higher the prizes!

The money from the 200 club is well used as the proceeds go towards small projects which enhance our Church.  Last year the 200 club paid for the painting of the walls around the Altar.  This year and next we will contribute to the building of the patio between the Parish Office and St. Mary’s Room.

If you are interested or require further details please feel free to call me or the Parish Office. My number is 01483 810086 or email me at paulwtremlett@btinternet.com
With many thanks. Paul Tremlett


Diocesan Jubilee Discussion Group: for Holy Angels started on Thursday 17 October and will run for 6 weeks. The session will start at 7.30 for 7.45 in St. Mary’s room.  For further details please contact Richard Brennan , mobile: 07867 804355.”


Mother and Baby Group: Is held every Tuesday at 10.30 in St. Mary’s Room.  If you have a young baby or toddler and fancy an hour to relax over a cup of coffee and a biscuit why not come along.


Amount collected for: World Missions  £176.95
CAFOD                                                     £210.11



Next Baptism Course: Monday, 11th November, 2013 Please make an appointment to see the Priest/Deacon to discuss what you need to do to prepare for your child’s baptism. If you are new to the Parish, please complete pink Registration Form and make yourself known to Father David or Deacon John after Mass.


Prayer Requests

Please remember the sick in your Prayers, Sheila Bone, Barbara O’Brien, Deacon David Morgan, Edd Turnell and Newton Abrew.  Thank you. (If you would like prayers for friends or family members, please first check with that person that they are happy for their name to be mentioned in the weekly Newsletter.)

Please also remember Margaret Bramble (RIP) who sadly passed away at the weekend. Margaret was a regular Parishioner at Holy Angels until she moved to Devon about 20 years ago. The funeral will take place in Devon. A Parish Mass will be offered for Margaret on Sunday,  8th December, 2013 at the 11am Mass.


Prayer Group – for both Holy Angels and Holy Family takes place once a month on a Tuesday.  The next date is the  5th November, 2013. Coffee at 7.30pm for 7.45pm start. To be held in the Parish Office



Some parents have been concerned about Halloween celebrations at Schools, Scouts and Young People’s clubs.  Just walking round the supermarket at this time it is obvious that Halloween has now become very commercial and generates a lot of money for businesses.  It is becoming almost impossible to avoid Halloween and Parents with young children would not  normally want to deny their sons or daughters some fun.

Halloween started in Europe (especially Easter Europe and was taken to America by early immigrants.  Halloween traditionally represents the victory of good over evil.  It comes on the eve of All Saints Day which is a great day for celebrating the success of good people’s lives over the temptations to lead a bad selfish life.  The Ghosts and ugly bad characters that are represented in the Halloween costumes originally reminded young people of the ugliness of leading a bad or selfish life in contrast to the Saints whose feast day follows Halloween.  Halloween means “All Hallow Eve”, parents could find in Halloween a great opportunity to teach their children the values of leading a good life by contrasting Halloween with the Feast of All Saints.  They could compose their own Trick or Treat by showing that a tick represented a dishonest or selfish action and a Treat was the reward for a good and honourable action. With the TV, shops and current commercial promotions of Halloween it is unlikely that parents will be able to ignore Halloween but they all have the opportunity to create a learning opportunity from it if they know the original historical context of Halloween and are able to present it as an encouragement to lead a good life rather than a bad or dishonest life and that if they celebrate Halloween they follow it up with an equally, if not better celebration of All Saints.

At one Halloween family party I heard of the younger people who had to answer a “moral dilemma question”.  If the young person got it wrong, the questioner would splash them with Holy Water to “banish bad decisions”, if the young person gave a good answer, they were given a chocolate treat.  On the Internet there are examples of “moral dilemma questions”. 

Holy Water is available in the large earthen jar near our Lady’s Statue in both Churches and bottles for Holy Water are available at a £1.

Perhaps the young people in our parish may be so wise and moral that you may not need any Holy Water – just lots and lots of chocolate!!!