2nd November, 2013 – Feast of all Souls (Thirty First Sunday)


Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat 2 Nov 5.30pm HA Feast of all Souls Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Sun 3 Nov 9.15am HF Thirty First Sunday Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
  11.00am HA   Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Mon 4 Nov      NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue  5 Nov 10.30am  HF  Week 31 in Ordinary Time Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Wed 6 Nov 9.30am HA  Week 31  in Ordinary Time Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Thu  7 Nov 7.30pm HF Week 31 In OrdinaryTime Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Fri    8 Nov 12.00pm HA Week 31 in Ordinary Time Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Sat   9 Nov 5.30pm HA First Mass Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
Sun 10 Nov 9.15am HF Remembrance Sunday Holy Souls Book of Remembrance
  11.00am HA Thirty Second Sunday  Holy Souls Book of Remembrance

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)
Holy Angels, Ash: First Friday of month after 12pm Lunchtime Mass
Holy Family, Farnham:  First Thursday of month after 7.30pm Evening Mass
Special Services with Confessions at both Churches for Advent and Lent

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday at Holy Family @ 7.00pm (in Church Hall)

 (Parish Office Hours: 9.30am – 1.30pm)

                        Please note:  HF = Holy Family, Heath End, Farnham and HA = Holy Angels, Ash



31st Sunday of Year C  
Theme:  Jesus is with us today

Entrance:          HA:  644   HF: 37 Alleluia sing to Jesus
Offertory:          HA:  804   HF: 699 The King of Love
Final Hymn: HA:  722   HF: 190 Give me joy



Poppy Appeal:  Poppies are available at both Holy Angels and HolyFamilyChurch in remembrance of all those who so willingly and courageously gave their lives that we might live in Peace.


Children’s Liturgy Winter Party – 24th Nov. 12.30-2.30

Leaves are falling, children are back at school, and winter is fast approaching.  Last year the Children’s Liturgy Group held a most successful party for our children at Holy Angels.  This year we would like to repeat the experience.  We would like to spend some time with the children, as we await the arrival of Jesus, and prepare to celebrate Christmas – and of course have lots of fun in the process!

We would ask that each child brings with them a wrapped gift to the value of £1, as we will be having a ‘Secret Santa’ style exchange of gifts at the end of the party.

Sign up sheets are available now in the church porch, or you can e-mail your child’s name, and age to Bec Newey:johnandbec@ntlworld.com
 Please sign up by Sunday 17th November


Holy Family Church Catholic Parish Farnham, Hale, Weybourne & Badshot Lea

The Justice and Peace Group announced at the Holy Family AGM that they will be repeating the Backpack Appeal again this year.  We already have some pens & pencils left over from last year but other items are still required and a list of these will be given out by the J&P Team after Mass for the next few weeks.

We had a tremendous response last year and have also received flip-flops during the summer (so thank you very much) but more are needed so are also included in the list. Pencil cases are also required.

Thank you once again.   J& P Team


Diocesan Jubilee Discussion Group: Held each Monday at Ann Martindale’s house. (All welcome)Please contact Ann direct or Deacon John Edwards for more information.


Holy Angels  Catholic Parish for Ash, Nr. Aldershot,  Ash Vale, Tongham & Normandy

Diocesan Jubilee Discussion Group: for Holy Angels started on Thursday 17 October and will run for 6 weeks. The session will start at 7.30 for 7.45 in St. Mary’s room.  For further details please contact Richard Brennan , mobile: 07867 804355.”


Mother and Baby Group: Tuesday at 10.30 in St. Mary’s Room.  If you have a young baby or toddler and fancy an hour to relax over a cup of coffee and a biscuit why not come along.


The underground room discovered at Holy Angels

A couple of weeks ago an opening appeared in the grounds of the Church near to the Priest’s House.  There was a 10ft drop and when news of this got out there was interest from not only the parishioners but also the wider community in Ash.  For two weeks there has been much speculation (some of it very fanciful) concerning what might be below the ground.

Builders were called in to investigate and they discovered a large room or tank for holding water which was in very good condition.  It seems that before Ash was on mains water, as the ground was unsuitable (being very fine and in some places sandy) for digging wells a number of houses had their own mini water reservoir.  This underground water tank may predate the building of the church and the house and have been needed for farming or agricultural use at sometime.  We did think of bringing the tank back into use to save on water bills but the cost and assured safety of the water could be a problem.  The top of the tank has now been made safe and has a new access cover.  I wonder what the next surprise will be at Holy Angels!



Next Baptism Course: Monday, 11th November, 2013 Please make an appointment to see the Priest/Deacon to discuss what you need to do to prepare for your child’s baptism. If you are new to the Parish, please complete pink Registration Form and make yourself known to Father David or Deacon John after Mass.


Prayer Requests

Please remember the sick in your Prayers, Sheila Bone, Barbara O’Brien, Deacon David Morgan, Edd Turnell and Newton Abrew.  Thank you. (If you would like prayers for friends or family members, please first check with that person that they are happy for their name to be mentioned in the weekly Newsletter.)

Prayer Group – for both Holy Angels and Holy Family takes place once a month on a Tuesday.  The next date is next Tuesday, 5th November, 2013. Coffee at 7.30pm for 7.45pm start. To be held in the Parish Office


Father David Message

November is the month of prayer for the Holy Souls

During November Catholics and many people from other traditions have for centuries honoured those who have in some way had an effect on their lives.  People who have died and have helped to make us the people we are today.  They may be parents or grandparents who have shared both happy times and hopefully only a few sad times with us.  They may have shared their love of Christ with us and given us the education that has got us where we are today.  We may also wish to remember aunties and uncles, good neighbours and friends and to say a big “Thank You” to God that they have been part of our lives and to remember them with affection and gratitude.  The name Holy Souls for those who have died is an honoured one.  It signifies that during their life on earth they have been part of God’s family and their homeland is destined to be with God.  When we pray for loved ones who have died, if they are already with God our prayer is not wasted because it is always an expression of our love for them and expresses the hope that they still care for us and will pray for us during our journey through life.  At every Mass during November at Holy Angels and Holy Family a selection of the names of those we as a community have been asked to remember will be read out and that Mass will be in their honour.  All the names in our Book of Remembrance for 2013-14 will be remembered in Prayer not only during November but at the Special Mass allocated for them during the year.  At this point we are not able to tell you exactly when the Mass for your relative or friend will be said during the year, but if you watch the Mass Intentions on the Newsletter every week during the New Year you will see their name appear for a Mass.  In remembering the Holy Souls we enrich our own lives as we remember happy times with loved relatives and friends.

Christmas Day Lunch Club – Families now can be living apart because of work or marriage in any part of the world.  It never ceases to amaze me how we at Holy Angels have parishioners with family and relatives throughout the world.  This means that at Christmas there are people who are separated from their families even though their families are thinking of them and may well call them on the phone on Christmas Day.  One Parishioner has suggested that we have a Christmas Day Lunch at 2pm on Christmas Day in the Hall at Holy Angels followed by entertainment on the Big T.V. Screen. It is suggested that we form a Christmas Day Lunch Club for 8 to 10 people.  That each person contributes £5 and that each person is allocated a job. A: Cooking the Turkey Crowns. B: Cooking the Veg. C: Serving the wine. D: Serving the Christmas pudding. E: Getting the hall and tables ready. F: Washing up.  The idea is that no-one is waited on and all share in making the occasion a happy and successful event.  Afternoon tea on Christmas Day would also be possible.  The non-drinkers may like to offer their services as chauffeurs!  If sufficient people are interested, we can have a meeting to plan the event and allocate jobs.  Please let Rita in the Parish Office know if you are interested. (Tel: 01252 321422)

Religious Good Gift Shop:  Economical Christmas Cards, Calendars and Cribs are now available.  Advent Calendars and other items by special order.  I would like to thank Judy and her husband for all the work they have done in giving our Gift Shop a New Look!.

Next Saturday/Sunday is Remembrance Day Weekend.  All the Masses will be the traditional Remembrance Day Masses with a minutes silence and Remembrance Day Hymns