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22nd February – First Mass (Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time)


Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat 22  Feb 5.30pm HA First Mass Margaret Grant & Alex Bott (RIP)
Sun 23 Feb 9.15am HF Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
  11.00am HA   Special Intentions of Connie Tewksbury
   2.00pm HF  Baptism of Oliver John Bellows  
Mon 24 Feb     NO MASS NO MASS
Tue  25 Feb 10.00am HF Week 7 in Ordinary Time Albert and Susie Farr (RIP) Holy Souls
Wed 26 Feb   9.30am HA Week 7 in Ordinary Time Dora Carroll (RIP)
Thur 27 Feb  7.30pm  HF Week 7 in Ordinary Time Mary & Roy Trerise (RIP) Holy Souls
 Fri   28 Feb 12.00pm HA Week 7 in Ordinary Time Brian Witt (RIP) Holy Souls
Sat    1 Mar  5.30pm HA First Mass Josephine Dina (RIP)
Sun   2 Mar  9.15am HF Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Margaret Robinson (RIP)
  11.00am HA   Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
   2.00pm HA Baptism of Madeline Eve Bashiruddin  

Sacrament of Reconciliation:-

Holy Angels: 1st Friday in the Month following 12.00pm Mass and at Holy Family: 1st Thursday in the month following the 7.30pm Mass.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday at Holy Family @ 7.00pm (in Church Hall)

 (Parish Office Hours: 9.30am – 1.30pm)

                        Please note:  HF = Holy Family, Heath End, Farnham and HA = Holy Angels, Ash



23rd February: 7th Sunday of Year A
Theme:  Love your enemies as well as your friends

Entrance:      HA: 934  HF: 143 Dear Lord and Father
Offertory:      HA: 898  HF: 478 Make me a channel
Final Hymn:  HA: 849  HF: 209 God forgave my sin

Responsorial Psalm: 7th Sunday Year A



LAST YEAR’S PALM CROSSES – Please can you bring your palm crosses next Sunday, 2nd March to be used for Ashes on Ash Wednesday. Thank you.


Youth’s French Ploughman’s: Saturday 15th March 7pm – 10pm at Holy Family. Our Youth are hoping to raise funds for the Youth Retreat and chosen charities. Adult tickets £8 under 16s £4 – tickets available from Gloria Benson or Hilary Gray. 

Collections for 16/2/2014

Holy Angels: £275.31+ Standing Orders
2nd Collection: £123.29
(Catholic Education Service)
Holy Family: £203.34+ Standing Orders

2nd Collection:£ 94.10 (Catholic Education Service)

Confessions: on Sat.15th March from 10.30am following the First Holy Communion children’s first confessions there is an opportunity during Lent to make your Easter Confessions when we have three visiting Priests,  Fr. Chris Whelan, Fr. Tony Sultana  and Fr. John O’Sullivan who will be hearing Confessions.

Adult ConfirmationIf you are over 18 and have missed out on Confirmation for any reason and would like to receive the Sacrament please speak to Father David or Deacon John. (Please see letter from Deacon John on our Church Notice Boards. Also Leaflets available at back of Church.

Prayer Group
for Holy Angels and Holy Family Churches takes place once a month on a Tuesday.  The next date is Tuesday, 11th March, 8th April and 6th MayCoffee at 7.30pm for 7.45pm start. To be held in the Parish Office.

The Holybourne Singers performing Vivaldi’s Gloria and Handel’s Dixit Dominus on Saturday, 29th March at 7.30pm, in St Lawrence Church, Alton.  Tickets: £10 (under 12’s free) from Waterstones in Alton or from or £12 on the door. (Please see posters on Church Notice Boards for more information)

Help for Flood Victims.
From:  Community Care Wardens, Ash
You are all aware of the terrible problems that have been caused throughout the country by the heavy rainfalls.  You may also be aware of people who have suffered and seen pictures on the TV/Newspapers of the terrible conditions people are coping with.
Some of the people who have been experiencing problems are not that far away from us in Chertsey, Staines, Egham and Shepperton.  St Vincent De Paul (S.V.P. ) which is a world wide organisation, have a local group based within the Bagshot and Camberley community, and they want to try and gather ‘Aid’ for the flood victims, then distribute it to Rest Centres using their big white S.V.P. van. 

A Box will be available at the back of both Holy Angels and Holy Family Churches  for any items (listed below) that you may like to donate:-

coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar, squash, biscuits, long life packaged cakes, liquid soap, washing up liquid, anti-bacterical sprays, toilet paper, tissues, kitchen roll, kitchen cloths, tea towels, toothpaste, new toothbrushes, nappies, wet wipes, nappy sacks, sanitary items, towels, blankets, spare phone chargers, disposable gloves, plastic bags of all sizes


To help parents prepare for the Baptism of their children we run an information evening for parents as and when needed.  Please see Father David or Deacon John so that they can set the date for the next Course.   If your child is more than 2 years old in addition to the information evening both parents and the child will need additional preparation to ensure that the child is happy to be baptised.

Prayer Requests

For the sick:  Deacon David Morgan, Newton Abrew, Paul Gibson’s Mother, Judy. Dan Connors and Michael Ward both who are seriously ill at this time.(If you would like prayers for friends or family members, please first check with that person that they are happy for their name to be mentioned in the weekly Newsletter)

Holy Angels

Gift Shop: Judy D’Sa now manages the gift shop at Holy Angels which is always open even if she is not actually present.  Just ask for the keys and place the money in the little money box for the item purchased.

Feel free to call her on 01252 324125 for any special items not available at the shop that you may require.  Catalogues are kept on the top of the display cabinet or visit the distributors’ website which is

Women’s World Day of PrayerFriday, 7 March at  7.30pm at St. Paul’s Church, Tongham.  This year the service has been prepared by the Christian women of Egypt and the theme is ‘Steams of the Desert’.  All are welcome to attend, men and women and people of all ages. (If you are hoping to attend name tags are available from Rita in the Parish Office which is a good way of showing your participation in this event).

Holy Family

WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: Holy Family will be hosting this interdenominational service on  Friday, 7 March at 2.00 p.m.  This year the service has been prepared by the Christian women of Egypt and the theme is ‘Steams of the Desert’.  All are welcome to attend, men and women and people of all ages.  (Refreshments will be served after the service).

Gift Aid

Good News for Tax Payers and the Church

If you are a Christian and you support your local church the Government recognises that part of your income on which you have already paid tax is supporting the church and its charitable work. They recognise that you do not benefit personally from the money you generously give to charity.
The Government is therefore willing to return the tax you have paid on your donations to the church.
If you pay income tax the Government will return 25p paid in tax for every £1 you donate to the Church;  this arrangement is called GIFT AID.
As your tax and personal circumstances can change at any time you can cancel your GIFT AID declaration at anytime and restart it as a later date if you wish.
If you have supported the work of the church in the past while you were a tax payer and you did this through a Standing Order the Government is prepared to accept a ‘restrospective claim’ for the return of the tax under the GIFT AID scheme for as long as four years.  You may, however, prefer to start from this year.
If you would like to discuss confidentially the Government’s GIFT AID plan to reclaim tax for the parish please call the parish office, 01252 321422, Monday-Friday 9am – 1pm and Rita, our parish secretary will arrange for our Gift Aid Volunteer to call you back.  You will not be asked to sign up to the GIFT AID PLAN immediately but left with time to think things over and respond, if you should wish to, when or if the circumstances are right for you.
Should you wish to join the GIFT AID ARRANGEMENT straight away an application form is available from the Parish Office.
Thank you for taking the time to consider the GIFT AID Tax refund plan.

Gift Aid Envelopes will be available shortly.