5th July, 2014 – First Mass (14th Sunday in Ordinary Time)



Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat   5 Jul 5.30pm HA First Mass – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Lysabeth Baker (RIP)
Sun  6 Jul  9.15am HF 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Lucy Clare Cooper (RIP)
  11.00am HA   Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
  12.00pm HA  Two Parishes Fun Day (following Mass)  
Mon  7 Jul     NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue  8 Jul  10.00am  HF Week 14 in Ordinary Time  (Mass intention available)
Wed 9 Jul   9.30am HA Week 14 in Ordinary Time Florence & Thomas Lanaghan (RIP) Holy Souls
Thu 10 Jul   7.30pm HF Week 14 in Ordinary Time The James & Da Silva Family (RIP) Holy Souls
Fri  11 Jul  12.00pm HA St. Benedict Eric Gorniok (RIP)
    300pm HA  Funeral of George Terziz (RIP)  
    7.30pm HA  Adult Confirmation  
Sat 12 Jul   5.30pm HA  First Mass (Week 15 in Ordinary Time) Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
Sun 13 Jul   9.15am HF  Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time For peace in our world
   11.00am HA   George Terziz (RIP)


Special Collection

There will be a Second Special Collection next Sunday, 13th July for the Apostleship of the Sea


6th July 2014 (14th Sunday of Year A
Theme:  My yoke is easy

Ent:                  HA:  846  HF:  40 Amazing Grace
Offertory:         HA:  212  HF:  31 All ye who seek
Final Hymn: HA:  644  HF:  37 Alleluia sing to Jesus

Responsorial Psalm


Collections for 29/6/2014

Holy Angels:  Offertory:                        £266.35
Peter’s Pence:                           £87.60
Standing Order (May):             £1,025.00
Holy Family:   Offertory:           £287.00
Peter’s Pence:                         £106.00


Adult Confirmation Mass

Will take place at 7.30pm. next Friday, 11th July at Holy Angels Church, Ash.



Prayer Group: The next Prayer Group for Holy Angels & Holy Family Churches will take place on Tuesday, 8th July in the Parish Office at Holy Angels Church

Rededication of The War Memorial in Ash on Sunday 10th August.  We are particularly keen to make contact with anyone who is related to any of the names of people mentioned on the Memorial. Should you require further details, please contact Cllr. Pat Scott or our Clerk to The Council, Mrs Carole Olive.

100th Anniversary of World War One Commemoration for our Two Churches: Monday 4th August 7.30pm at Holy Angels Church (See website for further details)

MacMillan Cancer Support Charity Great Coffee Morning Friday, 26th September.  Both Halls at Holy Angels and Holy Family are booked from 9.30am until 11.45am  for this event.  (Please see Father David, Deacon John or Rita in the Parish Office if you would like to help. Thank you

Youth Gather 2014:  Sunday, 28th September, 2014 at St. Andrew’s School, Leatherhead.
Why not come and join in the fun from 10am-5pm. For young people, youth/Confirmation Groups, students, families, and anyone else interested, to come together to walk, talk, learn, eat and to engage in social action projects.  Led by Bishop Kieran. (See Church Notice Boards for more information)

ADVANCE NOTICEHarvest Thanksgiving this year will be on Saturday, 4th/Sunday, 5th October at Holy Angels and Holy Family.  (CAFOD Fast Day is on  26th September) Please put this date in your diary and give some thought on how we may decorate our churches to celebrate this event.

SUCADO (Sussex Christian Doctor’s Network) is an informal support network for Doctors of all religious traditions.  (Further information from susan.obrien@dabnet or Telephone: 01293 651161)

Prayer Requests

For the sick: Deacon David Morgan and Newton Abrew.


Holy Angels

Choir and Music at Holy Angels:
Music and choir volunteers list:

Organist: Elena Naylor

@: elena.naylor@yahoo.com

Tel: 01252-327064.

Choir co-ordinator and Cantor: Christina Allgood

@: allgood30@hotmail.com, christina.allgood@surreycc.gov.uk;

Tel: 01252-679551.

Choir administrator: Mrs Cathy Watkins

@: cckrwatkins@ntlworld.com
Choir members:

Sopranos: Mrs Maddalena Gosney, Mrs Cathy Watkins.

Altos: Mrs Frances Merry, Mrs Coleen Rutter

Tenors: Mr Philip Gosney

Junior choir: Bonnie, Beatrice.

Our activities

Choir practice:

Choir practice is currently taking place every other week before the 11am Sunday Mass at Holy

Angels. We gather in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for about half an hour, during which we

learn new hymns as well as practising with our current repertoire.

Choir practice calendar for the forthcoming weeks:

Sunday 6th July, from 10.15 to 10.45.

Sunday 20th July, from 10.15 to 10.45.

Sunday 3rd August, from 10.15 to 10.45.


We aim to sing soon for our community:

– Turn to me (n. 786 in our hymn book)

– On Eagle’s Wings , by M. Joncas (n. 952 in our hymn books)

– This is the day, by M. Joncas (n. 257 in our hymn books)

– Salve Regina, Gregorian melody (n. 367 in our hymn book)

– Missa De Angelis (n.497 to 509 in our hymn books);

As we are an enthusiastic and committed group, we would like to experiment and innovate by

introducing more challenging projects, such as:

– introducing a repertoire for the Junior Chorus.

-singing in descant for four voices;

Our Projects:

However, we really need to enlarge our group! Please do not feel shy and join us, age range spans

between 5 and 95! We would love to have you as part of our singing family!

We aim to invite you for a relaxed and friendly music and singing open morning. Food and

beverages will be available, as well as company and enjoyment. Further details will follow soon..

A Reflection on today’s Gospel

At times all of us find life burdensome.  But Jesus invites us to bring us burdens to him and he will give us rest.  Let us come to him now in a spirit of love and trust.

Let us pray to the God who is faithful in all his works and compassionate to all his creatures.

For those who are burdened with responsibility of office
For those who are burdened with hardship
For those who are burdened with anxiety
For those who are burdened with loneliness
For those who are burdened with a need to gossip
For those who are burdened with failure
For those who are burdened with bitterness
For those who are burdened with guilt
For those who are burdened with grief
For those who are burdened with illness
For those who are burdened with old age and infirmity
For those who are burdened with the feeling that they are a burden to others.
For those who ae burdened with a need to run the lives of others.

For our own special needs.

God of love and mercy, grant us in all our tasks your help, in all our doubts your guidance, in all our weaknesses your strength, in all our sorrows your consolation, and in all our dangers your protection.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.