8th June, 2013 – Sunday Vigil Mass


Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat   8 June 5.30pm HA Sunday Vigil Mass Gwen & Arthur Morgan (RIP)
Sun  9 June  9.15am HF Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Gloria Craven (RIP)
  11.00am HA   Special Intentions of Brenda & Peter Sawyer on their Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mon  10 June     NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue  11 June 9.30am  HF St. Barnabas Patricia and Laurence Lynch (RIP) Nov. List
Wed 12 June 9.30am HA Week 10 in Ordinary Time Fr. Tommy Martey (RIP)
Thu  13 June 7.30pm HF St. Anthony of Padua John & Patricia Sollom (RIP) November List
Fri    14 June 12.00pm HA Week 10 in Ordinary Time David Daniels (RIP) Nov. List
Sat   15 June 1.00pm HF First Holy Communion Mass  
  5.30pm HA Sunday Vigil Mass Donal Whelan (RIP)
Sun   16 June 9.15am HF Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Clyde Collins (RIP)
  11.00am HA   David Luck (RIP)
Mon  17 June      NO MASS NO MASS
Tue  18 June 9.30am HF Week 11 in Ordinary Time  
Wed 19 June 9.30am HA Week 11 in Ordinary Time  
Thu  20 June     NO MASS NO MASS
Fri    21 June 12.00pm HA St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
Sat   22 June  1.00pm HA First Holy Communion Mass  
   5.30pm HA Sunday Vigil Mass Month’s Mind’ – Mary Court (RIP)
Sun 23 June  9.15am HF Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time  
  11.00am HA   Donal Whelan(RIP)
Mon 24 June      NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue 25 June  9.30am HF Week 12 in Ordinary Time  
Wed 26 June  9.30am HA Week 12 in Ordinary Time  
Thu  27 June  7.30pm HF Week 12 in Ordinary Time  
Fri    28 June  12.00pm HA St. Irenaeus  
Sat   29 June   5.30pm HA Sunday Vigil Mass  
Sun  30 June   9.15am HF St. Peter and Paul  
  11.00am HA    

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)
Holy Angels, Ash: First Friday of month after 12pm Lunchtime Mass
Holy Family, Farnham:  First Thursday of month after 7.30pm Evening Mass
Special Services with Confessions at both Churches for Advent and Lent

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday at Holy Family @ 7.00pm (in Church Hall)

 (Parish Office Hours: 9.30am – 1.30pm)

                        Please note:  HF = Holy Family, Heath End, Farnham and HA = Holy Angels, Ash


Second Collection

There will be a Special Collection next Sunday, 16th June for The Missionary Endeavour of the Diocese.



10th Sunday of Year C

Entrance:         HA: 421 Here us now our God .. (requested for Peter and Brenda’s 50th Wedding Anniversary).
                        HF: 383 Lord Jesus Christ
         HA: 956            HF: 288 I watched  the sunrise
Final Hymn:      HA: 287            HF: 728 Thine be the glory



Lunchtime Supervisor required at St Polycarps School, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey

Monday to Friday 12 -1.15pm.Term time only.

Salary £2069.44 per annum. Training given.

Please contact the school on 01252 716307 or email info@stpolycarps.surrey.sch.uk for more information


Fashion Show at Holy Family Church Hall on Thursday, 4th July at 7.30pm

J&P ladies will be selling tickets for the Fashion Show after Mass for the next couple of weeks at Holy Family and Maggie Batchelor will be doing the same at Holy Angels.



Please make an appointment to see the Priest/Deacon to discuss what you need to do to prepare for your child’s baptism. If you are new to the Parish, please complete pink Registration Form and make yourself known to Father David or Deacon John after Mass.

Once you have met with Father David or Deacon John You will be asked to attend a Baptism Class.  The next Baptism Class is on10th June at Holy Angels in St. Mary Room from 7.45pm for 8.00pm start– 9.00pm. Also Father David asks that parents obtain the booklet entitled, ‘Your Baby’s Baptism’ available on line from Redemptorist Publications, Shawton, Alton, Hants. Tel: 01420 83255 Email: enquiries@rpbooks.co.uk

Also for the Godparents, the booklet ‘Your Godchild’ ISBN: 978-0-85231-364-0) again available from details above.


Prayer Requests

Please remember in your prayers our sick:
Barbara mother of Sharon O’Brien, Jordan, Sis. Bernadette and for those sick in our two Parishes.


Prayer Group– for both Holy Angels and Holy Family Churches takes place once a month on a Tuesday. The next Prayer Group meeting is on Tuesday  2nd July, 2013 at 7.45pm in Parish Office at Holy Angels.


Holy Family Church Catholic Parish Farnham, Hale, Weybourne & Badshot Lea

Annual General Meeting: 12th June, 2013 at 7.30pm in Holy Family Church Hall.


First Holy Communion Mass at Holy Family Church:

Next Saturday 15th June, 9.00am – 10.15am Rehearsal children only.
FHC MASS: Saturday, 15th June, 2013 at 1.00pm

You are most welcome to attend this special Mass. Please pray for our children.


Mother and Toddler Group – Our Mother and Toddler Group meet every Thursday morning from 9.30am until 11.30am in the Church Hall


Holy Angels  Catholic Parish for Ash, Nr. Aldershot,  Ash Vale, Tongham & Normandy

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday, 19th June, 2013 at 7.30pm in St. Mary’s Room, Holy Angels, Church.


First Holy Communion Mass at Holy Angels:

22nd June, 9.00am – 10.15am Rehearsal children only.
FHC MASS: Saturday, 22nd June, 2013 at 1.00pm

You are most welcome to attend this special Mass. Please pray for our children.


Mother and Toddler Group – St. Mary’s Room on a Tuesday, from 10.30am until 12.00pm. 


Message from Father David

Getting the Most out of life

In the schools I can sense the buzz of excitement amongst the pupils who are counting the days to the summer holidays.  Whether we travel or stay at home, holiday time can often be an under estimated or under valued opportunity for refreshing our minds as well as our bodies.  Holidays give us opportunities that the business of daily life often denies us.

Holidays give us the opportunity to deepen or re-affirm our relationships – perhaps with our partners, our children, our relatives and friends and also with God.

Holiday time may be a good time to do some reading about our faith, or put aside ten minutes for quiet prayer or reflection.  Perhaps get to a weekday Mass or have a family meal at which we give thanks for our lives, our health, our food and remember those not as fortunate as ourselves.

Why not make your holiday this year a special experience which you will be able to draw strength and inspiration from throughout the working year.

Father’s Day in the UK

This year is on 16th June.  St. Joseph was the first Christian Father and is Patron of Fathers so we will be remembering St. Joseph and all the Fathers in our two churches on Saturday 15th June at the Vigil Mass and Sunday, 16th June.

The Revd. David Adams, husband of Karmelin – a parishioner at Holy Family, is an Anglican Priest and is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of his ordination as an Anglican Priest this weekend.  We assure Karmelin and David of our prayers on this special occasion.  Their married life encompassing faithfulness to two religious denominations is an example of Christian Unity in practice.

Annual Financial Report (Holy Angels)

This week the Annual Financial Report for Holy Angels, Ash is available with the Newsletter.  I hope as many people as possible will support the AGM’s for Holy Family on the Wednesday, 12th June and for Holy Angels on Wednesday, 19th June.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Many Congratulations to Peter and Brenda Sawyer (who run our Christian Gift Stall at Ash) and TODAY celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

A prayer before Communion

Jesus, I receive your love
poured out for me
in bread and wine.
Accept this gift of my life,
brought to the altar
without conditions.
Do your work in me,
and let me be, like you,
taken, blessed,
and given for others for, in spite of my sin,
you know that I love you.

(Taken from the book of ‘A Thousand Prayers’.)

A prayer after Communion

Lord Jesus Christ,
though we have held and handled you in bread and wine,
we can never confine or contain you;
yet, in this sacrament, you are closer to us than our own thoughts.
Fill us with your peace,
and come into every corner of our complex lives.
O Lord of love.



The Parish Office will be closed for the summer break from Monday, 10th June until 24th June.  Father David or Deacon John Edwards can be contacted as usual if an emergency.