19th July 2014 – First Mass (Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time)


Times of Mass and Devotions

Sat  19  Jul  5.30pm HA First Mass Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
Sun 20  Jul  9.15am HF 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Special Intentions of Michael Brandon
  11.00am HA   Patrick Franklin (RIP)
Mon 21 Jul     NO MASS  NO MASS
Tue 22 Jul    HF NO MORNING MASS  
    7.30pm HA MASS For the families and those who recently lost their lives in the tragic air crash.
Wed 23 Jul   9.30am HA St. Bridget Edward and Elizabeth Hall (RIP) Holy Souls
    2.30pm HF Funeral of John Boyle (RIP)  
Thu  24 Jul   7.30pm  HF Week 16 in Ordinary Time Henry Savidge and Gillian Gouda (RIP HolySouls
Fri    25 Jul  12.00pm HA St. James Joan and Sydney Lucas (RIP) Holy Souls
Sat  26 Jul   5.30pm HA  First Mass For the sick in our two Parishes
Sun  27 Jul   9.15am HF Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Special Intentions for the people of the Parish
   11.00am HA   Special Intentions of Fr. Tom Grufferty


Special Collection

Next Sunday, 27th July, there will be a Special Collection A Day for Life


20th July 2014 (16th Sunday of Year A
Theme:  Leave the Judgement to God

Ent:                  HA:  770   HF:  388 Lord the light of ..
Offertory:         HA:  967   HF:  570 O the love of my ..
Final Hymn: HA:  880   HF:  684 Tell out my soul

Responsorial Psalm: 16th Sunday Year A




Collections for 13/7/2014

Holy Angels
Offertory:       £211.70
Apostleship of the Sea:        £181.11

Holy Family Offertory:       £189.95
June standing orders:           £1,017.00

Apostleship of the Sea:         £147.80


Confirmation 2015

If you will be 13 or over NEXT YEAR and would like to join the Confirmation Discovery Programme, please help yourself to a Confirmation Information leaflet at the back of the two Churches TODAY or speak to Fr. David, Deacon, John, Gloria or Hilary or call Rita at the Parish Office.  The Programme planners need to know as soon as possible to get a date for Confirmation. i.e. by the 1st October, 2014.



 Application forms are now available at the back of each church for the First Holy Communion Programme 2014 -2015.

Your child must be in YEAR 3 or above to be considered for the programme and as a family you are requested to be registered with the parish. Location of classes alternates between Holy Angels, Ash and Holy Family, Heath End and all the children must attend all lessons (you will find the dates on the sheet attached to the application form). If you require further information please contact Amanda Watson (amandawatty@sky.com).

YOUCAT (Youth Catechism)

A Parishioner has asked us to recommend the Youth Catechism Book known as YOUCAT which is not only beneficial to our young people but is also an easy to read Catechism for adults who have an enquiring mind and wishing to have questions answered.  This book answers many of those questions. (This book can be obtained from The Catholic Truth Society ISBN 978-1-86082-728-0)

100th Anniversary of World War One Commemoration for our Two Churches: Monday 4th August 7.30pm at Holy Angels Church (See website for further details)

MacMillan Cancer Support Charity Great Coffee Morning Friday, 26th September.  Both Halls at Holy Angels and Holy Family are booked from 9.30am until 11.45am  for this event.  (Please see Father David, Deacon John or Rita in the Parish Office if you would like to help. Thank you

Youth Gather 2014:  Sunday, 28th September, 2014 at St. Andrew’s School, Leatherhead.
Why not come and join in the fun from 10am-5pm. For young people, youth/Confirmation Groups, students, families, and anyone else interested, to come together to walk, talk, learn, eat and to engage in social action projects.  Led by Bishop Kieran. (See Church Notice Boards for more information)

Prayer Requests

For the sick: Deacon David Morgan, Newton Abrew and Michael Brandon.

Prayer Group:  The next Prayer Group for both Churches will take place once a month on a Tuesday at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start.  Dates are: 9th Sept. 7th Oct. and 4th November.

Holy Family

Please pray for the repose of the soul of a former parishioner, John Boyle, who recently died.  His funeral service will take place onWednesday, 23rd July at 2.30pm in Holy Family Church.

Today’s Gospel

(Taken from a book by Flor McCarthy, SDB)

We go to Church, not because we are saints, but because we are sinners, sinners who know that we are sinners, but who are willing to strive for something better.  And God is patient with us, and lenient in his judgements.

 There have always been two views of the Church – one exclusive, the other inclusive.  The exclusive view holds that the Church is for good people, for the fully committed.  In the inclusive view, the Church must be open to all, to the hot, the cold and the lukewarm, to saints and sinners.  For some, the presence of sinner in the Church is a cause of scandal.  If they had their way, only saints would be admitted.  

The issue of sinners in the Church was a big one for the early Church too.  So how did they approach it?  Some were for weeding sinners out.  But others turned to the example of Jesus for guidance.

First of all, they had his practice to guide them.  Not only did he not exclude sinners, he welcomed them.  He declared that he had come, not to call the just, but sinners to repentance.  Then they had his teaching to guide them.  The parable about the field in which wheat and weeds grow together until the harvest was a response to this very question.

Human beings are complex.  They can’t be divided into the good and the bad, as though they were two completely separate classes of people.  There is no line you can draw which would neatly separate the good from the bad.  Any such line would go right through each human heart, for there is good and evil in every heart.

All of us are a mixture of good and bad. The people we call ‘good’ may have terrible things in them – mad moods of recklessness, assertion, jealousy, sin.  And so-called ‘bad’ people may have in them sorrow, repentance, pity, sacrifice.

So what should we do?  As far as ourselves are concerned, the best thing we can do is take a good look into our own field.  If we find some weeds there, as no doubt we will, there is no law against trying to rid ourselves of them.  If we try to do so, we will discover what a painful process this is.

As far as others are concerned, we should try to act towards them as Jesus acted.  Isn’t it strange that he who had no trace of weed in him could be so understanding towards those who failed to measure up? Why didn’t he weed out Judas. And why didn’t he weed out Peter?   He saw the weeds in Peter’s life, but he saw the wheat too.  He knew that with encouragement the wheat would prevail. And it did.

The Church can do no better than imitate its Founder. It has to be big enough and loving enough to hold sinners in the fold.  If it did not do so, it would not be the Church of Christ.

The Church is a temple with a hundred gates, and pilgrims enter from every angle.  Through every door, and from all kinds of paths, we enter the house of God on a Sunday morning.  Ours is not a Church for those who feel good, but for those who know they are not.

God is a lot more tolerant than we are.  Today’s First Reading says of God, ‘You are lenient to all .. mild in your judgement..you govern with great lenience.’

While we distinguish clearly between good and evil, we must aim at being as understanding and tolerant as God is.  The time for judgement is not yet.  The Kingdom of God is still at the growing stage.  Now is the time for conversion.  People change. We can change