20th September, 2014 – First Mass (Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time)


Times of Mass and Devotions

HA = Holy Angels Church, Ash GU12 6LU   HF = Holy Family Church, Farnham GU9 0LH

Sat 2 0 Sep  5.30pm HA First Mass Paula Vella (RIP)
Sun  21 Sep  9.15am HF 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
  11.00am HA   Joseph Fitzpatrick (RIP)
Mon  22 Sep     NO MASS  For an end to the violence in Iraq and Syria
Tue  23 Sep 7.30pm HA St. Pius of Pietreicina  Stuart and Else Redknap (RIP) Book Holy Souls
Wed 24 Sep  9.30am HA Our Lady of Walsingham  Albert & Susue Farr (RIP) Book of Holy Souls
Thu 25 Sep  6.15pm
HF Adoration
Week 25 in Ordinary Time
Albert and Susie Farr (RIP) Book of Holy Souls
Fri  26 Sep 10.00am  7.30pm HAHA Funeral: Joseph Fitzpatrick (RIP)Mass at later time this week only  Julio Zavanella (RIP) Book of Holy Souls
Sat 27 Sep   5.30pm HA  First Mass Carina Burgess (RIP)
Sun 28 Sep   9.15am HF 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Special Intentions of the people of the Parish
   11.00am HA   Michael Fitzgerald (RIP)



21st September 2014 (25th Sunday of Year A)
Theme: A Gospel for late comers

Ent:                  HA: 846 HF: 500 Amazing Grace
Offertory:         HA: 852   HF: 778 We have a gospel..
Final Hymn: HA: 164 HF: 202 Go tell it on the ..

Collections for 14th September, 2014
Holy Angels Offertory:                   £   261.93
August Standing Orders:                     £1,065.00
Holy Family Offertory:                   £   219.64
August Standing Orders:                     £1,017.00


PLEASE NOTE: Due to other events taking place, The MacMillan Coffee Morning which had been due to take place on 26th September has been moved to Friday, 3rd October following the 12 noon Mass. It will start with Harvest Soup and a roll and will follow with a cake sale, the proceeds of which will go to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Confirmation 2015:  If you will be 13 or over NEXT YEAR and would like to join the Confirmation Discovery Programme, please fill in a leaflet TODAY or speak to Fr. David, Deacon, John, Gloria or Hilary or call Rita at the Parish Office.


If you wish to have your child baptised before Christmas you must hand your application in as soon as possible. This is to enable the arrangements for the Baptism course evening and other administration. It is recommended that you have you child Baptised as soon as possible preferably before 9 months old. Please speak with Deacon John or Fr. David.

Youth Mass at Holy Angels – 5th October, 2014

There will be a Youth Mass at Holy Angels on the 5th October which will be followed by a Cake Sale in the hall to help raise money to enable some of our Youth Group to once again visit Tanzania.

Hall Bookings at Holy Angels and Holy Family

All bookings must be made through the Parish Office and all payments to cover the expenses of the use of the Halls must be made through the Parish Office.

To fulfil the Diocesan and Insurance requirements anyone booking the Hall will be asked to nominate a person who will be responsible for making decisions in the event of a fire or First Aid requirements. This enables us to make the Halls available to parishioners at a “breakeven cost” without having to fund a caretaker to be present.

Harvest Thanksgiving

This year at Holy Family and Holy Angels we will be celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday, 6th October. We would like to thanks those who prepare the Bidding Prayers and decorate the Church for Harvest Thanksgiving.

The Donations to CAFOD for Harvest can be placed in the box at the back of Church on Harvest Sunday 6th October or the Sunday before. CAFOD Harvest envelopes are available at the back of both Churches from this Sunday onwards.

Booklets with reflections for the Blessed Sacrament (Holy Communion):  Have been donated to Holy Angels Church. A few are available in the book rests which you are welcome to borrow. As people are finding these helpful, we are hoping to get more of these.  We would like to thank the person who kindly donated these to the Church.

An extract from the booklet:

“And just as He appeared before the holy Apostles in true flesh, so now He has us see Him in the Sacred Bread. Looking at Him with the eyes of their flesh, they saw only His Flesh, but regarding Him with the eyes of the spirit, they believed that He was God. In like manner, as we see bread and wine with our bodily eyes, let us see and believe firmly that it is His Most Holy Body and Blood, True and Living. For in this way our Lord is ever present among those who believe in him, according to what He said: “Behold, I am with you all days even to the consummation of the world.” (Mt.28, 20) St. Francis of Assisi.

Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Keep your eyes on the newsletter for future information. You can also look at www.dabnet.org/Festival50. Meanwhile the preparations continue.

The autumn/Advent there will be a further study programme on Church (communion). This will use the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium as its study platform. If you wish to lead a small group or need further information please contact Deacon John email: d.johnedwards@googlemail.com.

There is an introductory evening to LumenGentium at St. Dunstan’s Woking by Fr Laurence O’Keeffe OSB, Wednesday, 1st October 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm at St Dunstan’s, Shaftesbury Road, GU22 7DT. To book your place, or for more information, contact David Wills, Diocesan Adult Formation Adviser, 01293 651157 david.wills@dabnet.org or book online @www.abdiocese.org.uk/ab2015.

Holy Angels

PLEASE NOTE: Mass this Friday, 26th September will take place this week only in the evening at 7.30pm at Holy Angels Church.

Prayer Group: takes place once a month on a Tuesday at Holy Angels Church in the Parish Office: 7.45pm for an 8.00pm start. Next Dates are: 7th Oct. and 4th November.

Holy Family

Harvest Soup and Cheese Lunch – 7th November

Holy Family J&P team are holding a Harvest soup & cheese lunch in aid of Disability Africa, on Friday 7th November at 12.00noon.

Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal

J&P are hoping to do the Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal this Christmas 2014.  Shoeboxes have been ordered to see if this will encourage/help parishioners to get started; leaflets will be provided explaining how to fill the boxes, together with the boy/girl stickers.

Boxes and info will be available in a couple of weeks and they will need to be completed by end of October please as they need to be dropped off to the nearest centre between 1st -18th November.

Anonymous Donations:

From the Bank Statement for Holy Family it seems that a number of people are making anonymous donations and we thank you for your help and support. It may be helpful to Pat King, our Treasurer, if you would kindly write on the paying in slip “CREDIT AS ANONYMOUS DONATION ON BANK STATEMENT” and once again thank you for supporting Holy Family Church.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. – This practice is one of the important ways in which we can commune with Our Lord, Jesus Christ. An hour before the Blessed Sacrament in silent contemplation is a well worth exercise. After the summer break this is to return to the Holy Family on a new day and at a new time. It will be on Thursdays from 6:15 – 7:15 pm this will then be followed at 7:30pm by Mass, if there is a priest available, or a Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion after which there will be some light refreshments.

Prayer Requests for the sick

Deacon David Morgan, Newton Abrew, Linda Weston Michael Brandon, Patrick Quinn, Maureen Cosgrove and Sean Flynn. We pray for all those in our two Parishes who are sick and need our prayers.

The Scottish Referendum

The Scottish Referendum regardless of the ‘NO’ result, will have an effect in everyone of us in the U.K. It has highlighted that a large proportion of people in our country are unhappy with the way politics currently effect their lives and were willing to risk an uncertain future in the hope of a better solution.

The referendum may have been a wakeup call to those who govern us that they cannot just presume that everyone is happy with the way they do things. This weekend perhaps our prayers might be that we as a Nation – the U.K. might be better able to represent all views of people of goodwill